Our story

What’s worse than climate breakdown?


Feeling like you can’t do anything about it. As the Evocco team watched the signing of the Paris Agreement back 2015 they felt a mix of hope and despair. Yes, for the first time the countries of the world had agreed to take collective action to limit global warming, but was it going to be enough? What could we do as individuals to take meaningful action?

Evocco set out to build a tool to make it easier than ever before to track our individual impacts and reduce them over time. And what better place to start than food? It accounts for a massive 26% of global emissions and is something we make decisions on three times a day every single day - the perfect setting for building a new behaviour.

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We’ve made some good friends along the way.

Our partners are each as driven and passionate as we are and are working hard on solutions for sustainable food systems, climate breakdown, and a behaviour change.


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