How do you calculate the carbon footprint of my food shopping?

Evocco works closely with Eaternity, a leading life cycle assessment data company based in Switzerland. As our climate impact data partners, they provide us with carbon footprint and nutrition scores for food products. When a user scans their shopping receipt, Evocco uses the product and store information in the image to calculate an appropriate carbon footprint for the products purchased. In the case of incomplete information being detected on the receipt the gaps are filled in by using a system of likely reference products and national import and export statistics. To read more about how the process works, see this blog post from Evocco and this documentation from Eaternity.

How does Evocco offset my carbon emissions?

Offsetting carbon emissions isn’t a get out clause to avoid behaviour change or a crony pay to pollute scheme. It’s a way to ensure you can have a positive impact every time you shop, even when you haven’t been able to choose the most sustainable options. What can’t be changed can be offset, but not all offsetting is equal. At Evocco, we currently focus on afforestation for offsetting emissions for our users. We do this with Go Carbon Neutral, a not for profit based in Ireland that plants mixed native woodland in Ireland under continuous forest cover. This means the woodland quickly becomes a haven of biodiversity and, most importantly, that the trees will stay in the ground. To read more about our offsetting try this blog post

Can I use Evocco anywhere in the world?

At the moment, you get the best Evocco experience when using it in the Republic of Ireland. We’ve optimised for Ireland to begin, meaning we match more food products from Irish supermarket receipts. Evocco will still work with English language supermarket receipts from other countries, but the number of products matched and the accuracy of the carbon footprint calculation will be lower. We’ve big plans for international expansion, so hopefully we can reach your part of the world soon.

What does Evocco do with my data?

Evocco uses your data (including data extracted from the receipts you upload) to calculate the carbon footprint of your food shopping, to give you tips and insights to improve the sustainability of your shopping and, in anonymised and untraceable form, to create market reports for the food industry. In alignment with Evocco’s mission to accelerate the sustainable transition of the food industry, these market reports are designed to show food companies how they need to change practices to improve their environmental sustainability. To learn more, try our terms and conditions of use, privacy policy and feel free to get in touch.

Last updated 08/11/2021