The brands you choose make a difference

There can be a huge difference in the impact from one brand to another, and sometimes it's very difficult to tell good from bad.

We've teamed up with some of the best brands out there to help you make the right choice, and even get you exclusive Evocco discounts.

Brands we work with


Original Beans chocolate is perhaps the world's most sustainable chocolate.

From preserving the rarest breeds of cacao to absorbing more CO2 than they produce, Original Beans is leading the way.

Moyee is the world's first FairChain coffee.

The coffee beans are roasted in the country of origin, meaning that compared to other brands up to 300% more of the profit stays there.

Look out for info and offers from these great brands in your Evocco tips after you upload a receipt!

Work with us

Are you a sustainable food brand and think that Evocco could help your business? Get in touch!

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