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466 item. Specification: [continue reading] Main menu Just one issue has probably never been so fun to read about. For this issue, we're taking a look at the Panasonic SD700U zoom from Panasonic. This amazing camera has been a joy to use and, if you don't know already, it's quite a decent camera for your money. Read on to see how it performs. Okay, as I mentioned earlier, the Panasonic SD700U is a decent camera for your money. Unfortunately, some of the features listed in the specs don't match the features of the camera when you're actually using it. DxO is the best software available for measuring camera's lens performance. It lets you take into account a wide variety of factors like the type of lens, focal length, aperture, distance to subject, and many more. This lets you evaluate a camera's lens system in a way that allows you to compare it to other cameras in its class. The Panasonic SD700U has a 10-30mm F3.3-6.7 OIS lens. Unfortunately, the actual focal length listed in the specs is 11-16mm, and the actual focal length of the lens is 10-13mm. DxO's measurements show that the Panasonic SD700U lens delivers a mean angle of view of 2.7º. This is similar to other similar Panasonic cameras. It's also more than decent for a zoom. The lens has a max. magnification of 1:3.8 and a max. min. magnification of 1:16.7. The main reason to use a lens with so many focal lengths is that you can set the camera to different shooting modes to use the focal length you need. For instance, for landscapes and nature, you'll want the widest angle (10mm), while for family and portraits, you'll want the telephoto (16mm) end. The Panasonic SD700U lens also features a minimum focus distance of 12.3cm (four inches), and a max. focus distance of 3.0m (10ft). With a focal length of 10mm, this lets you shoot from the front and even walk into your subject. It also lets you shoot from a distance of 6.5m (21ft) with an 11-16mm focal length. The camera also features a range of Shooting modes. This lets you choose between the automatic, flash, manual, and




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