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Blast off at Climate Launchpad

Half of our team ventured further north to the city of Basel last week, for an exciting Boot Camp hosted by Climate Launchpad. Joining 13 other highly competitive teams, we were schooled for two days on everything from our Founder's Dream to our Financials and Key Value Drivers. As is rapidly becoming the trend for this kind of event, the team was forced to rapidly rethink their position and come up with new strategies (you'd think that we'd have found a good one by this stage...). Cue the comical mad scramble to get a deck of slides in order and pitch our idea in a semi - coherent manner, the sense of relief upon completion, and that sinking feeling that maybe you could have been a little bit less stuttery and a little bit more composed. For now it's fingers crossed to see if we make it through to the Swiss final on September 1st. A big thanks to all involved in organising the event. Particularly those from Climate Launchpad and Start-up Academy. Of course these events are more about the people you meet; a pair of crazy Cypriot brothers and a man with a bamboo bicycle to name but a few. We'll keep you all posted about the result!

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