A Brave New World

After five months supported at one of the best accelerator programs in the world, we're now officially out on our own. This is where the challenge begins.

Shortly after our final college exams in May, we left Ireland to chase our dreams with little more than an (extremely naive) idea. Over the course of the past five months we've twisted, turned, and churned to have something that we're confident can empower people to take action and reduce environmental impact. So thanks Mass Challenge for the positive reinforcement, the tough lessons, and the early onset aging! Here's a look at what we're currently working on:


Moving home to Ireland has given us a chance to take stock and consolidate what we've learned. Last week marked the end of another era, our time at Trinity College. We graduated to much pomp and ceremony with a Master's in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Maybe those pieces of paper will be useful to us in some far fetched future career paths, but so far so Web Summit.

More progress is that for the first time since the project began, we're starting to put some time into the creation of the brand. Ever conscious of our creative shortcomings, we've enlisted the help of The Glass Wall digital marketing to build our brand story, and graphic designer Sofija Jovandic to add that much needed star dust.

In the next few weeks we'll be launching the new "us", and will start promoting the cause on social media. When you hear a new name, and see a new logo please refrain from alarm. Along with the big unveil, we've got some key new additions to the team for sales and marketing and technical development.

Stay tuned, all to be announced!

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