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Evocco Food of the Week - Cranberries

Evocco food of the week is the festive and always delicious cranberries! Not only are these berries the perfect way to get you in the mood for Christmas, it’s also the most eco-friendly time of the year to eat them. There’s a reason why we eat cranberries at Christmas - they’re in season! That means they taste better and are jam packed with nutrients. So, make sure to buy them fresh this month, because it’ll be the only time of the year they’ll taste this good and be as kind to the planet.

Over Christmas, being a time for indulgence and gluttony, it may not feel like you’re eating healthy. Not to worry! Cranberries are full of health benefits! They protect your bones and teeth, have anti-aging properties, and can even help cure your pesky winter cold. They also pack as much of a punch as blueberries when it comes to anti-oxidants. So why not swap them in for your morning porridge this month?

Health Benefits Cranberries

We’ve gathered 3 amazing and simple recipes so that you can start putting those cranberries to use!

First up we’ve got that old Christmassy classic, Cranberry Sauce. We all know trying to get everything organised for dinner on Christmas day can be stressful... It’s easy to get the ready-made cranberry sauce. BUT doesn’t everything taste better homemade!? This quick and simple recipe will give you an easy way to add that little something extra to this year’s Christmas dinner, while being more sustainable.

Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Next up we have an Irish classic with a festive twist - Cranberry scones. Start your mornings off right over the holidays with these amazing cranberry infused scones. They’ll fill you up and give your immune system some protection against the cold!

Finally, it is the season, right? So, treat yourself to the delicious cranberry flavoured ‘Jingle Juice’. Whether it’s your Christmas work party or a quiet night in by the fire, this cocktail will put you in a merry mood.

With these recipes in your back pocket, and the knowledge that you're eating healthy while saving the planet, what’s stopping you from heading to your local farmers market or shop to pick up some fresh and organic cranberries?

We’d love to hear how you got on with these recipes so please let us know or if you have any of your own recipes we’d be excited to hear them!

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