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A New Future

I’d like to introduce you to a product that we all use and rarely pay our subscription fee for. It’s a PaaS (Planet as a Service) product called Earth. This ‘Earth’ provides us with some pretty cool features, like the air we breathe and the clean water we drink. As well as these essential services, we’ve got some sweet perks like magnificent mountain ranges, a vast coverage of oceans, and all you can eat species (perhaps that joke was in poor taste).

Recently earth has been having some trouble with its user base. Earth’s early adopters were as gracious and forgiving as you’d expect, however, then about 6000 years ago, along came a user group broadly referred to as human civilisation and these lagards have been causing system failures ever since.

Almost 200 years ago humans completely revolutionised their industry and the way they used Earth, and since then, the product has been struggling with basic support services such as the clean air and water mentioned earlier. What’s also strange is how the number of Earth users is actually declining rapidly (as in middle of the sixth mass extinction kind of rapidly) but despite decline in user numbers, usage of resources has actually increased to a tipping point where the server could completely crash any time now. That’s because a lot of the benign early users have been squeezed out by the later more extreme users, us humans.

Everyday new studies come out showing how Earth is suffering more than share price of Snapchat after a Kylie Jenner tweet, but the scientific voice of reason telling us to respect the planet and the services it gives us is being drowned out by ads using puppies to sell toilet paper. It’s a pity that marketers have figured out exactly how to influence our far less rational than any of us believe decisions so that they can make us believe we need to own things like a glitter face mask. Meanwhile, nobody has found a way to communicate to the masses how the annihilation of the only planet known to support life in the entire universe is kind of a big deal.

But before we all try and board a spaceship to Mars, I’d like to introduce another product to you. It’s an app.

It nudges you, it prompts you, it pushes you and it makes no apology for that.

It’s called Evocco, and it’s designed to help you track your usage of Earth.

We think you’ll like it because recent studies are revealing that more and more of us are upgrading earth's system from current disrepair back to its former glory.

Evocco focuses on food, specifically how we can ease our Earth usage by first understanding what’s draining our resources most. We help users track how what they eat impacts on the planet, and offer tips and suggestions so that they can learn how to give up pillaging the planet entirely.

Evocco is what’s known as a win-win situation; users get the benefit of lowered stress from the crippling fear of destroying the planet, our only known source of life, and Earth gets the benefit of less pressure on its services. But the vision for Evocco is to help shift user demand towards more environmentally friendly options across the food industry. We want to incentivise green innovation, thereby rewarding sustainable producers.

No, you haven’t woken up from a neoliberal dream, and we are not free market fundamentalists. We don’t believe that we can just ethically consume ourselves out of this mess. What we do believe is that behavioural change on a mass scale is necessary to help Earth tackle the challenges that lie ahead. We need to change our perspective from seeing Earth as a limitless resource to Earth as a central consideration for all of our actions. This change is the first in an entire economic and political revolution and Evocco was started to help speed up this process.

Behavioural change is something that is notoriously tricky to effect, but look on the bright side; Mark Zuckerberg only needed a few years to make two billion of us all VERY comfortable sharing every detail of our lives with the shadowy beings of the internet (Too soon?)

At Evocco we’re angry people on a mission. We’ll keep you updated about all things Earth, and how we can all be easier on it.

App coming soon, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Please note that Evocco is not a substitute product for Earth. It is designed to improve your Earth usage, but definitely will not function as intended if not used in conjunction with Earth. Full Terms and Conditions to come as soon as we get our hands on one of those Facebook lawyers (still too soon? Fair).

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