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Food will save the planet!

When was the last time you truly thought about the food on your dinner plate, where it has come from, and the toll of getting this food from the farm to your plate has on the environment? For me, it was certainly a long time ago. That was until I collaborated with Evocco, a company that does the thinking for you.

Eating food is a necessity for life. It is what makes us grow into healthy human beings, gives us a feel good factor when it’s tasty and gives us the energy to go about our daily lives. The food chain is a continuous transfer of energy from food source to food source, until it is returned to the soil of the earth, and the cycle begins again. However, the intermediate steps of this transfer of energy are causing serious harm to the environment, and there is more we can do to eliminate as much damage as possible. To put into context what this damage looks like, cooking a Sunday roast consisting of one kilogram of beef has caused the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent of driving a car for 63 miles, which is shocking! Now think about how many kilograms of beef are produced on a daily basis, in Ireland, Europe, and all around the world…

I’ve been waiting for something like Evocco. Something so simple, yet effective, that is going to make a big difference. Evocco are ready to contribute. It is an eco-friendly shopping assistant that helps its users conduct their food shopping with the lowest environmental impact possible. For example, Evocco promotes organic foods, foods free of harmful pesticides and growth hormones which should not be entering our bodies, so why would you buy them? Evocco guides you to buying healthy, eco-friendly produce in a rewarding way through their mobile phone app. Once you walk out of your local supermarket, Instead of endlessly flic

king through Instagram or taking Snapchats of yourself with the doggy filter on, open the Evocco app and upload a picture of your receipt and feel proud when you see your environmental impact score. Next time you shop, beat that score, get competitive!

Everybody wants to save the planet. Everybody wants to eat good food. Why not combine the two and enjoy the journey. When does your journey begin?

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